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Workers’ Compensation

An injury on the job can be a very stressful event in a hardworking person’s life. If you have been injured on the job, reporting the injury and seeking medical attention are the most important actions an employee should take. The next step is to contact an attorney to have your rights explained and your situation assessed by an experienced attorney who can evaluate your need for further assistance with a sometimes confusing process. Contact Johnson Law Firm, LLC today for a free consult and frank assessment of your injuries and benefits.

  • Traumatic Physical Injuries

  • Repeated Trauma Injuries

  • Mental Injuries

  • Occupational Diseases

Typical Injuries Include:

  • Construcion

  • Coal Mining

  • Timber Harvesting

  • Tire Manufacturing

  • Auto Plants

  • other blue collar jobs

Over 25 Years of Experience Evaluating Injuries on the Following Jobs:

You can rely on attorneys with over 20 years of experience in workers' compensation cases.

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